Selwyn Art Exhibition 2022
Artist Entry Information


Welcome to Our Annual Celebration of Selwyn Art

We welcome entries from all artistic mediums and from artists at any point in their art career to take part in our annual celebration of local art. We set our commission at a low 15% so that more of the money from each sale goes back to hardworking artists like you.

In 2021 we started offering buyers the choice of taking their purchases away on the spot, and artists were then contacted to replace their artwork with another if they wished. 

Please read the following conditions of entry before completing an entry form.


Here are a couple of images that can be downloaded to share on social media or via email. Right Click on the image and "save image as..." to save the images to your computer.​

Selwyn Art Exhibition 2022 - Poster A.jpg
Selwyn Art Exhibition 2022 - Poster B.jpg

Artwork Label Template

Here is a template to download for those who would like to use this for their labels. Artists are welcome to use their own label template. Remember each artwork will need TWO labels.



  1. Delivery: All exhibits to be delivered to the Rolleston Community Centre on Friday 20th May between 3pm and 6pm. Artists must remove all artwork packaging from the venue after they have set up.

  2. Hanging & Set Up: Artists will be directed to their location in the exhibition. Hanging and display of artworks is the responsibility of the artist. Some hanging equipment such as nails and picture hooks will be available.

  3. Collection: All unsold exhibits are to be collected from the Rolleston Community Centre between 4pm & 4.30pm on Sunday 22nd May (Unsold artworks can not be removed by artists prior to 4pm). Panels must be left clean with no hanging materials still attached.

  4. Care & Responsibility: Whilst all care is taken during the exhibition, Arts Heart will not be responsible for any damage to exhibits, or for any exhibits not collected by the closing date and time

  5. Original Artwork: Artwork must be the original work of the Exhibitor. All work must be for sale and able to be taken away immediately by a purchaser. No orders can be solicited for artwork not present at the exhibition. No marketing of other work that is not part of the exhibition. Prints and photographs must be numbered, or if they are an open edition this must be clearly stated on all labelling. Reproductions/Giclee prints must be clearly labelled “giclee print” or “digital print”.

  6. Framing:  All paintings, prints, artworks, etc for panels must be suitably framed so that they can be hung securely, complete with cord.

  7. Size of Artworks: For panel display, artworks may not extend beyond the edges of the panel. For easel display, artwork must be suitable for the size of the easel used so that artwork is secure and does not present a hazard. For table display, artworks must fit within the space of the table top and not be placed so close to the edge that they might present a hazard. No greeting cards, calendars or other commercial products are to be sold.

  8. Labeling: All artworks need TWO duplicate labels that state the title, medium, name of the exhibitor and selling price. The first label is attached next to the artwork (panel or easel), or placed immediately beside an item (table). The second label must be securely attached to the back or underside of the item. There will be no catalogue. Labels must be easily read by visitors.

  9. Artist Information/Marketing Materials: Artists may like to provide a biography or artist statement about themselves and their work for visitors. These can be up to A4 in size. One business card holder may also be mounted on a panel or easel, or on a table (if a table is selected by the artist). Arts Heart will provide an artist name label to go at the top of each panel and on tables. This must not be removed as it will be used for People’s Choice Award Voting.

  10. Freight and/or Transport: Freight/Transport to and from the exhibition is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Please ensure that all works are protected for handling

  11. Insurance: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to undertake all insurance.

  12. Right of Refusal: The Arts Heart – Selwyn Central Arts Council reserves the right to refuse submissions for the exhibition.

  13. Commission: 15% of the sale price will be retained by Arts Heart – Selwyn Central Arts Council.

  14. Sales: Purchasers will be able to remove the artwork at the time of purchase. If one of your artworks sells during the exhibition, you are welcome to replace it with another artwork. You will be contacted (on the phone number you supply on this entry form) when a work is sold. You are welcome to be present during the exhibition to meet attendees and talk about your art.

  15. Awards: Each year we have a “People’s Choice Award” selected by visitors to the exhibition. The winner of this will be announced at the close of the exhibition. We also have a "Youth Art Award" this year for artists 25 years of age and under at the time of the exhibition. This will also be selected by visitor vote.

  16. Use of Images: By completing this registration form, you authorise that photographs of your exhibit(s) may be shared in our social media and/or in our publicity material . Please advise us in writing if you do not want your entries to be photographed.

  17. Arts Heart Membership: By entering this exhibition you automatically become a financial member of Arts Heart – Selwyn Central Arts Council for the current membership year.

  18. Refunds, Cancellations & Postponement Terms: Entry fee is non-refundable, any exceptions made to this are at the discretion of the Selwyn Central Arts Council committee. If the Exhibition is cancelled for any reason, entry fees will be refunded. If the exhibition is postponed for any reason, exhibitors will be given the option to withdraw their entry and receive a refund.

  19. COVID-19 Conditions of Entry: As the Rolleston Community Centre is a Selwyn District Council facility, vaccine passes must be shown to enter the building, and face masks must be worn. Unvaccinated artists are welcome to exhibit, but will need to nominate a vaccinated person to attend to all aspects of set up, attending the opening and collection of art on their behalf.

  20. Entry Form Completion: To be completed online at  (preferred method) OR a completed paper form can be scanned and attached to an email and sent to All entry forms AND entry fees must be received no later than SUNDAY 8th MAY 2022 at 5pm.


By submitting an entry form you are agreeing to abide by the conditions of entry as recorded above.



Artists may request a maximum of 3 panels, 2 whole tables OR 1 half table, and up to 3 easel spaces. Space will be allocated on a first in first served basis. Requests for more than this allocation can be made by email to and will be considered once entries have closed.

Entry Fees.JPG


To be completed online by following the link below (preferred method) OR a completed paper form can be scanned and attached to an email and sent to


All entry forms AND entry fees must be received no later than SUNDAY 8th MAY 2022 at 5pm.




A handy list of things to read through in the lead up to the exhibition:

Artist Checklist.JPG