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Selwyn Art Show 2023
Artist Entry Information


We welcome entries from all artistic mediums and from artists at any point in their art career to take part in our annual celebration of local art. We set our commission at a low 15% so that more of the money from each sale goes back to hardworking artists like you.

We offer buyers the choice of taking their purchases away on the spot, and artists are then contacted over the weekend to replace their artwork with another if they wish.



Please read the following conditions of entry before completing an entry form.

By submitting an entry form you are agreeing to abide by the conditions of entry.

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Conditions of Entry


Panel $30 each     Max of 3 panels per artist    Each Panel is 2.3m High x 1.2m Wide 45mm thickness

Table $30 each     Max of 2 Tables per artist    Tables are 1.8m x 0.9m and are for the display of 3D art such as sculpture, ceramics, glass, craft (if you have 2D art you MUST book a panel instead)

Easel Space $20.00 each   Max of 2 Easels per artist   If you book easel space you will be allocated a floor area of approx 1m2 where you are able to setup a 2D artwork on your own easel

Artwork Display Options

Youth Award Entries

Youth award entrants (those 20 years of age or under at time of exhibiting are being offered a 50% discount for their first panel or table. For these artists one Table is $10 or one display panel is $10. Additional panels or tables are at the standard rate of $30 each.

Online Entry Form


Once you have completed your entry form and clicked "submit" a copy of your responses should be emailed to you - in most cases this system works. However, we have been made aware that in a small number of cases this email has not arrived.

Reasons why you may not receive a copy of your responses:

- It was sent to your spam folder (check this first! Search for an email from Google Forms)

- You have spam protection filters or counter-abuse measures on your email system that stop the email arriving at all

If you do not receive a copy of your entry form within half an hour of clicking submit:

Please email and let us know so that we can check your entry has arrived safely, and we can then send you a copy of your responses manually. Thank you.

Artwork Label Template

Here is a template to download for those who would like to use this for their labels. Artists are welcome to use their own label template. Remember each artwork will need TWO labels.

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